At Fisher Reyna Education it is our mission to assist individual districts and campuses with their increasing responsibilities. We offer e-lessons, books, and private on-site consulting. Fisher Reyna Education offers a comprehensive plan designed to meet the complex challenges facing our educational system. Fisher Reyna Education differs from other consulting agencies by offering personalized attention to each campus.

  • Staff development in reading, writing and math
  • Individualized detailed analysis of campus data and achievement
  • Customized campus plan to bridge gaps and facilitate measurable successes
  • Reliable and continuous communication with each campus
  • Practical application including modeling and co-teaching
  • Focused review and training of selected classes or student groups

View detailed information on workshops in reading, writing, and math. Workshop materials in English and Spanish.


Online reading comprehension e-lessons, online training topics, and released test connection activities.


Excellent resources in Reading, Writing and Math in English and Spanish.


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