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Our Solutions for Success books are a fantastic resource to show teachers, parents and students what it requires to have success in both reading and math! Hover over the images below to see more!


Solutions for Success: Reading

An excellent resource to show teachers, parents, and students what a student must know to be successful. Strategies are designed to improve student test performance and to show the teacher how well students comprehend reading selections. The strategies detailed in Solutions for Success: Reading come alive with animations in Solutions for Success: Online Resources. Click here to order!


Solutions for Success: Writing

This series is developed to provide teachers, parents and students with materials to help students write strong and effective compositions. The methods included in this publication can increase test scores and develop lifelong writing skills. Click here to order!


Solutions for Success: Math

A wonderful resource that shows teachers, parents, and students what a student must know and be able to do to score higher on tests and perform better in mathematics classes. Sample items are included to show how students may be asked to demonstrate math competency. Click here to order!


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