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Solutions for Success: Online Resources is a collection of reading comprehension e-lessons which feature animate, interactive instruction in an effective, exciting, and easy format. It offers ready-to-present lessons organized by various writing structures and genres. Reading comprehension strategies are designed to improve test performance and to show how well students comprehend reading selections. The strategies detailed in the e-Lessons are also available in the Solutions for Success: Reading books.

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Sample Lessons

Each story consists of three lessons: Lesson 1: Read for Understanding; Lesson 2: Produce a Summary; and Lesson 3: Answer Comprehension Questions. View sample frames below!

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Software features:

  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Based on best practices and leading research
  • Guiding questions keep students focused
  • Lessons incorporate tested vocabulary words through context
  • Web-based software
  • PDFs available for selections with strategies, graphic organizers, color-coded activities, test items
  • Color-coded frames
  • Test items classified by reading skills

Key instructional features:

  • Ensures vertical alignment
  • Ensures positive transfer of reading skills to all content areas
  • Teaches appropriate academic language
  • Strategies allow teachers to make effective instructional decisions
  • Guiding questions model appropriate comprehension questions before, during, and after reading

Types of selections include: 

  • Narrative, Expository, Mixed, Paired
  • Newspaper article
  • Magazine article
  • Internet article
  • Biography
  • Narratives with a problem-solution plot
  • Narratives linked by occasion or theme
  • Journal entries
  • Script writing


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