“Quick Writing Scores” is the perfect web-based application to scoring student compositions accurately and easily, while integrating seamlessly with the STAAR rubric to build meaningful connections for students.


  • Helps students self-evaluate compositions in guided writing. 
  • Motivates students to improve their compositions.
  • Assesses the use of the entire writing process.
  • Demonstrates the correlation of high scores and the use of pre-writing, revision, and editing.


  • Print professional reports with instructional feedback and notes for better intervention.
  • Reference previous scoring to quickly compare growth in various aspects of writing. 
  • Implement adjacent scoring easily.
  • Useful as a training tool for teachers on how to evaluate the writing process and increase scoring accuracy. 

The perfect app for improving writing

Quick Writing Scores is designed to be used in the classroom with specific focus to the writing process.  Registered teachers can use this web-based app to facilitate writing lessons for essays of all genres throughout the year.  With a class, small group, or individual students, teachers can analyze and discuss compositions together. Engage students in active participation on the reflective writing process making revision and editing meaningful using rubrics. Best of all, there is no password requirement. A clickable link is generated for easy use with no password for students, and no new platform to learn. One click to meaningful reflection about writing.

Membership Resources Include:

Automatic Engaging

For all major genres, easy for students

Ready-To-Go Prompts & Units

Elementary, Middle, & High School

Collaborative Activities & Exercises

Writing together to independently. Highly engaging writing process.

Easy Benchmark Scoring

QWS gathers data instantly. Rubrics match instruction and testing.

No Password for Students

Easy clickable link sent to students. Automatically loads rubrics.

6 & 9 Week Lesson Plans

Saves you time, plan for the year

Online Writing

Improve development & progression. All the most effective best practices.

Professional Reports

Fast, outstanding, effective feedback

How To Videos & Tutorials

Continual support

Boot Camps & Core Grammar

Hands-On fun with skills

School-Wide and District Use

Benchmark Scoring

Benchmark Scoring with Quick Writing Scores will gather class, school, district data effortlessly. More importantly, this app will capture scores based on the Writing Process. The app will not score for teachers, but instead captures teacher assessment as they read essays. Benchmark scores can be evaluated for accuracy, growth, areas of improvement, and classroom connections. Benchmark data is automatically gathered saving valuable teacher time while providing valuable feedback to students instantly.

Data and Reports

Data and Reports are automatically produced with Quick Writing Scores. Individual student reports are professional and instantly reflect teacher assessments, scores, and feedback. Excel reports are also available for easy grouping and analysis. Administrative push reports can be generated and sent to teachers to track the progress of the students.

Sample Reports


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