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Imagine having a place with ready-made reading comprehension lessons, ECR and SCR prompts and outlines, and collaborative reading and writing lessons that help make strong cross-curricular connections: activities that work with all curricula and books!

The Fisher Reyna Education membership gives you access to all our products in one place. Say goodbye to long hours of lesson prep and offer high quality reading and writing lessons, ready-made with easy digital sharing. Become a Star Educator and strengthen your skill set and save time. There are monthly and annual payment options.

Membership Benefits

Ready-Made ECR and SCR prompts with Collaborative and Independent Writing Opportunities that help students build strong and effective writing skills. Informative, Argumentative, and Narrative prompts and sample outlines at your fingertips.

What We Offer

Quick Writing Scores App

Major resources include annual writing lesson plans for 6week or 9week pacing guides with all resources included. These include prompts for all required genres, graphic organizers that come prefilled with correlating sample essays, sample “hooks or leads” and parting thoughts and publishing frames to see the writing process. Included are ready-to-go boot camps and incredible resources to improve elaborative skills meaningfully with Detail Moves. 

Writing Resources

Major resources include test-read (ECR) extended construction response and (SCR) prompts with collaborative writing lessons for popular titles. Don’t see a title you need? Email the title, and we can quickly add it to our ever-growing list of resources. Modifiable 6-week and 9-week writing lesson plans are also available.

Reading Resources

Ready made reading lessons are at your fingertips! Elessons, Video Lessons, activities for main idea in actual passages, summary, inference skills and supportive text evidence. Our reading resources include the strongest reading comprehension guides to annotating text meaningfully. Each E-Lesson also includes ECR and SCR prompts for extended writing opportunities.

If your students need help making cross-curricular connections with subjects like science and social studies, or your campus needs a common thread to establish academic language for genres from class to class and grade to grade, our Thinking Guides can help!

Thinking Guides

Our User-Friendly Thinking and Planning Guides are helpful graphic organizers based on the critical attributes of text. Lessons are designed to be used by the teacher with students in the classroom and may be used with a computer projector, interactive whiteboard, or in small group settings with an individual computer. 

STAAR Resources

Get the analysis and ready-made activities for all the released STAAR passages as well as test passages in poetry, argumentative passages, and drama! A library that is always growing!

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Texas Wildlife Association

Connect science and social studies in reading and writing! We partner with the Texas Wildlife Association. Get a complete analysis of their Critter Connection magazine. Free download of the complete publication and our comprehension activities extend reading comprehension skills to real informational, high-interest text. All come with test questions and main idea activities, and answer keys.


We offer in-person workshops too! Sign up for a complete day of materials, strategies, and activities for grade and skill level and proven teaching strategies for narrative, expository, mixed and paired selections.

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